P.O. Box 1239
Prince George, B.C.
V2L 4V3

Phone: 250-565-7777 e-mail: information@purden.com
Be sure to read skicontact.htm and/or skiemail.htm prior to phoning or e-mailing us.


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List of Links

skiabout.htm - a brief description
ticket.htm - day ticket, season's pass & 10 day prices
rental.htm - rental shop information
skireport.htm - snow/weather report
skiservices.htm - services available
skiinfo.htm - general information
group.htm - group pricing (in table format)
skicabin.htm - Ski 'n Stay information
skitrail.htm - a large picture of the runs
skicontact.htm - contact information
skiemail.htm - be sure to read 'contact' first

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