P.O. Box 1239
Prince George, B.C.
V2L 4V3

Phone: 250-565-7777 e-mail: information@purden.com


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List of Links

JAVAABOUTLAKE.HTM - A brief description of Purden & some site links
RESTAURANT.HTM - Restaurant hours
CABINS.HTM - Rental cabin prices & outside picture
GAS.HTM - Fueling station information & picture
CAMP.HTM - Campground information, prices & lakeview picture
SERVICES.HTM - A list of services offered. Put in table format. May be hard to read without.
SITES.HTM - A brief description of each site. Put in table format. May be hard to read without.
BOAT.HTM - Rentals
WATER.HTM - Swimming & Fishing information
INFO.HTM - Important information about Purden's power, telephone & wildlife
RESERVE.HTM - Our reservation & cancellation policies
LAKECONTACT.HTM - How to get a hold of us.
LAKEMAIL.HTM - Information about our e-mail system & our address
ROADMAP.HTM - A large picture...no text
LAKEMAP.HTM - A large hand drawn picture of our property...no text
ROAD REPORT - A weblink to BC Highways web site